Strategic partnership: Sonar Community and Typhoon Network aim to provide a private-centric system for digital funds transfer on public ledgers

Boosting Typhoon Network as the gold standard for anonymity

  • SONAR-TYPH collaboration delivers solutions to bring anonymous transactions on public ledgers
  • Sonar contributes marketing and advertising experience to bring Typhoon Network to mass adoption
  • SONAR stakeholders benefit from a strong dividend

Grand Caymans – Sonar Community and Typhoon Network have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a private-centric system for digital funds transfer on public ledgers. The partners’ objective is to bring anonymity in public transactions to mass adoption, for example, the exchange of transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. The user deposits into the Typhoon smart contract on BSC and is generated a key. The key is passed to a different user to receive the transaction. Upon providing the key by the target user, the smart contract will transfer the BNB to a wallet of your choice. This harmonizes and mingles a vast network of transactions in a beautifully constructed interface that displays identical transactions to the public observer. The more people that use Typhoon, the bigger the anonymity set becomes making it more secure and confidential. Sonar community’s unmatched ability to bring awareness, education, and users will not only increase the anonymity set, but also provide a solid foundation for mass adoption. Sonar attributes its success in these endeavors to our home community, Viral Investments. 

Individually, both companies’ networks are strong and vibrant. Together, these companies represent a powerful partnership to bring Typhoon Network to mass adoption and to deliver a strong dividend to SONAR tokenholders. “Our community business model is to partner with projects we believe can change the world. We believe in Typhoon Network, and we are excited to see their impact,” Matthew Albright, CVO of Sonar Community, Inc. 

About Typhoon Network

Typhoon Network is a privacy-centric protocol to transfer funds on Binance Smart Chain.Typhoon utilizes zkSNARK technology to enable withdrawable deposits without recording information on-chain that can be later used to identify the origin of a deposit. 


  • dApp built on Binance Smart Chain with the goal to establish a privacy-centric system on BSC and bring it to mass adoption
  • In a time where everyone leaves a trail of information online behind, it is becoming harder and harder to truly stay anonymous. Due to the public nature of blockchains, this became even more difficult as everything done is permanently recorded and viewable by everyone.
  • Typhoon solves this problem by utilizing zkSNARK and zero-knowledge technology to enable private transactions on an otherwise public ledger


  • Become the de-facto staple app on BSC to transfer funds privately
  • Provide the most secure and private experience to send funds possible, without jeopardising user experience in the process
  • Utilize zero-knowledge technology to build a trustless service that operates without team intervention fully onchain
  • Build a self-sustaining ecosystem by utilizing the TYPH token to encourage providing anonymity, while also giving the token value
  • Enable privacy for users and partners equally by providing openly documented stable APIs

Terms of the Partnership

Sonar Community, Inc received 2,000,000 TYPH, currently valued at $713,000, to be Typhoon Networks’ strategic marketing partner. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Build their community base
  • Execute the listings strategy 
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Press releases
  • Web development
  • Content creation 

“This partnership represents a new focus and direction for the Sonar Community. Previously we supported and boosted projects that represented a strong investment return. In just a short period of time, we have grown exponentially and now have the influence to support projects that not only return a solid investment, but that can become a part of our community. It has been a goal we were shooting for from the inception, and to attain that objective, in only 2 months, is a testament to our community strength and their desire to support projects that can change the world,” explains Jared Lutz, CMO of Sonar Community, Inc.

Strong Dividend on the Rise for SONAR Stakeholders

Sonar Community, Inc, founded February 2021, is well on its way to exceeding dividend expectations for early investors. Only two weeks into their Security Token Offering, Sonar has already brought in $800K in assets, new partnerships, and launched their social platform. By the end of the SONAR token sale, it’s estimated that Sonar Community Inc assets will be valued at $2,400,000. The SONAR token sale ends April 30th, 2021. To receive a dividend, you must stake your SONAR by May 15th.

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